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Capture the Everything-as-a-Service Opportunity with our XaaS Solution Builder Now!

Build end-to-end solutions by bundling hardware, software, and services utilizing our AIM Solution Architecture, providing quotes in minutes!

Unlock the Benefits of XaaS Solutions!

Partner Benefits
  • Up-front payments = Improved cash flow
  • Subscription Based = Capture refresh opportunity
  • Attached Services = Increased margin
  • Standardized Fleets = Lower support costs
  • Bundled Solution = Competitive differentiation
  • XaaS model = Helps transition customers from CAPEX to OPEX
Client Benefits
  • Monthly payment = Predictable cost
  • Planned Procurement = Budget forecasting
  • Scalable Model = Workforce growth flexibility
  • Subscription Based = Latest technology
  • End-to-end Lifecycle Support = Lower IT cost
  • XaaS model = Transition from CAPEX to OPEX
  • OPEX = Tax benefits

D&H knows that you are looking for ways to differentiate your business in a highly competitive market. That’s why we have developed our AIM Solution Architecture model. By using this model, you can better understand your clients needs and support them with appropriate solutions. In addition, you can capture the consumption-model by attaching services to your solutions, effectively increasing profit margins and growing your recurring revenue streams.


Lean in to review and validate solution options that will fit your clients' needs, goals, and expected outcomes.

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Help your clients install, activate, or migrate to their new solution with the help of software to add more value.

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Leverage the as-a-Service model by attaching D&H Managed Services to support your clients' solutions and growth.

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D&H Partner Services Template

Stay on Top of Growing IT Demands with XaaS

XaaS helps businesses with limited resources stay competitive with scalability and predictability. Share this offering with your clients today!
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D&H XaaS Solution Builder

D&H XaaS Solution Builder

Leverage our free tool to bundle hardware, software, and services utilizing our AIM Solution Architecture to provide quotes to your clients within minutes.
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Leverage our Vendor Specific XaaS Solution Builder Tools!

D&H's XaaS Solution Builders allow you to bundle hardware, software, and D&H Managed Services to provide a complete solution to your clients. Begin growing Everything-as-a-Service solutions now.

Create Customized XaaS Solutions

Bundle hardware, software, and managed services to build end-to-end XaaS solutions for your clients.






Any hardware such as a client devices, peripherals, components, and more!



Any Cloud or Packaged Software and licensing.

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Managed Services

Any managed service such as end-to-end lifecycle management, maintenance, monitory, IT support, warranty, and insurance.

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Flexible and low cost payment options to help clients transition from CAPEX to OPEX.

  • Financed: Customer finances solution for low cost monthly payments over subscription term
  • Partner Profit: Finance company pays Partner profit up-front at time of transaction
  • Financed Portion
    • Customer finances portion of solution for low cost monthly payments over subscription term
    • Finance company pays Partner profit up-front at time of transaction
  • Non-Financed Portion
    • Partner uses Cloud Marketplace to bill customer for subscription based cloud solutions and managed services
    • Customer remits payments based on Partner billing

Start customizing your solution designed offerings today!

Featured XaaS Solution Bundles & Partners


Modern workforce solutions that equip clients with the devices, collaboration and productivity software, and support services that enable digital transformation.



Cost-effective and secure solutions that help clients innovate, adopt, and begin their transition to the cloud within a hybrid environment.

CIscoMicrosoftDropbox Business


Meeting space solutions that integrate various real-time communication, collaboration, and productivity tools to deliver a more effective and seamless user experience.



Next generation UC solutions that use the Cloud platform to combine critical communication strategies for everything from business voice to audio conferencing, video collaboration, and file sharing.


Featured XaaS Partner Solutions

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Lenovo Device as a Service
Today's business environment is more challenging than ever-your clients needs to operate on a leaner budget, with their employees in remote locations. To remain competitive and thrive amidst change, use Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions to manage their device lifecycles, free their employees to do what they do best, and move from a CapEx expense to a manageable OpEx business expense for device refresh.

Your clients students deserve more than one-size-fits-all technology. With the pandemic exposing wide gaps in access, teachers and students alike need tools to address significant issues of equity in education. Microsofts affordable and versatile devices won't break your budget, and they ship with our most user-friendly operating system yet, Windows 11. But great devices are just the start. Accessible, inclusive software—built-in at no extra cost—gives students the tools they need to strengthen their skills and achieve their potential. And since learning now happens anywhere and everywhere, our devices include local storage that allows everyone to keep learning with or without an internet connection. Plus, we help educators protect students and their data with enhanced privacy and security controls from the device to the cloud, while automated compliance tasks free up busy IT departments.
Invest in robust technology that supports students in the classroom, at home, and wherever the future takes them.

SonicWall and D&H: Helping MSPs expand their practices to become Managed Security Service Providers.
Alleviate the burden of supporting end-of-life firewalls by setting your clients up to always have the most current generation of technology. Bundle SonicWall hardware, maintenance, support, and subscription-based security services to offer your clients customizable solutions at a manageable monthly subscription fee.

SonicWall SECaaS & MSSP Partner Programs
  1. Become a SonicWall SecureFirst Partner
  2. Apply for SECaaS and MSSP Programs via the Partner Portal


Modern Solutions Categories

Modern Applications

Unlock the power of Software-as-a-Service!

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Modern Infrastructure

Support clients' work-from-anywhere workforce with Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions.

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Modern Collaboration

Keep remote and in-person employees connected with our Collaboration solutions.

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Modern Security

Protect your clients' valuable data with our Security-as-a-Service solutions.

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XaaS Solutions = Recurring Revenue Streams

Our robust portfolio of end-to-end services can be applied to any and every vertical market.

Device Refresh

Device Refresh

Windows 10 is reaching End-of-Support in October 2025. Upgrade your clients to Windows 11 Pro devices!
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Go Big AI

Go Big AI

Select a tailored AI solution for your clients, providing seamless integration services for a smooth implementation.
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Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Highly skilled sales specialists and technical support experts combined to bring the one-of-a-kind customer service you can expect from D&H!
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ProAV & Collaboration

Provide your clients with the hardware, software, and services they need to collaborate from anywhere with ProAV.
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Access to system upgrades for any application or solution
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Provide your clients with procurement, deployment, device management, services, and lifecycle management.
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