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Virtual Reality. Real Opportunity. [1:00:11]

With the right hardware and applications, Virtual & Augmented Reality provides an immersive platform allowing people to engage with content in ways that leave a lasting impression.

However, like any new technology, it's hard to know which of your customers can benefit from VR, to define the hardware they will need, and to explore what they can do with it when they have it. Join us for an intro to Virtual & Augmented Reality as they show a variety of solutions for your customers in both business and education markets, demonstrate the tools available to create a customized VR experience on any platform, and answer your questions regarding this emerging technology.

Can you explain the processing power needed to edit and manipulate the videos and/or photos? What is the maximum RAM that is needed?
Depends on what you are doing to produce them. One of the fantastic things about Google Photos which we used in this demo, is that all of the processing is being done in the cloud, allowing any device with minimal ram and minimal local processing power to edit/annotate in tour builder (for photos) and post. Having a solid internet connection is key.

Can that 360-degree camera auto-rotate?
Yes, the KeyMission 360 shoots in continuous 360, meaning you have ability to rotate/pan at any time.

Can you further address VR/AR with Apple products?
There's alot out now and more on the horizon. Look for Apple products that support ARKit. This goes back as far as the iPhone 6s, 1st gen iPad Pro and 2017 iPad's in most cases.

What was the camera on the monopod/stand that Trevor was demonstrating?
Nikon KeyMission 360 (standalone KEYMISSION360TV or bundle sku# KEYMISSIONBUNDL).

We are working with all the school districts in Arizona - K-12 along with community colleges. This was a great overview of future product sales. DayDream headsets are new to me. What other less expensive options are out there?
Using a combination of Google cardboard compatible phones with either standalone headsets or even monopods (selfie sticks) is very favorable for a schools budget so that everyone can afford to collaborate in VR/AR at once. Reach out to or for a customized quote.

Are you guys seeing any market preference for HTC VIVE vs. Oculus? We sell VIVE because it works great. Just curious if Oculus is also a major player or desired by others in a K-12 or business setting.
Each company has a fairly decent share of the market at this point. Both devices (for higher end VR) require a VR ready Desktop/laptop to run and provide a very similar experience at that level. D&H is partnered with HTC and very familiar with both the current and upcoming product line. Reach out to or for a customized quote.

What's your opinion of the HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Glasses?
The Vive Pro is a fantastic upgrade in terms of resolution and design. New content is always coming though and higher end VR designed experiences will benefit from the Pro similar to how an HD to 4k display refresh does. Content up-scaled to 4k looks good but doesn't hold a candle to pure 4k etc. The big game changer this summer will be the ability for both VIVE an VIVE Pro to support wireless connectivity via their 2.0 hub. Stay tuned for more on wireless VIVE solutions from us.

Would discounts be available if a school contract was awarded? Price pays a deciding factor in Florida.
Depending on the solutions we certainly have the ability to take EDU discounts into consideration. Most of the kits we've designed were done so from the ground up with EDU in mind. Reach out to or for a customized quote.

Is there any training available to understand the this technology in depth?
New content is being produced every day. Some via the Solutions Lab. It just depends on the technology. Please bookmark or contact us at

With Google Poly, can school teachers make their own Google Expeditions Trips?
With Poly via Tour builder then can make personalized trips, viewable by anyone on any device individually. Similar to Expeditions however a group of people aren't in the exact same trip/experience at once being driven by a dedicated leader/teacher. The ability for schools to create their own full Expeditions trips is in the works, no word on when it will be officially live. We will be sure to update our customers as soon as we know more.

Is there a one SKU option for a VR headset, which does not need a computer or other hardware to do VR?
Yes, the Lenovo Mirage Solo (D&H SKU: ZA3C0003US).

You showed how VR is being use for more than gaming and K-12, what about AR?
AR has a ton of promise and plenty of new use cases popping up in every conceivable market segment. ARCore and ARkit supported devices already have a ton of apps to experience. Google's Measure app is a great example. It uses ARCore's spatial features to measure real-world objects. By simply pointing your phone's camera at the given item, you can get a reading of the distance from one corner to the other. You can get readings in imperial and metric units and take photos as well to document. Long term? the goal in some cases for this teach is to become truly blended, meaning a AR/wearable for when you're mobile, which converts to full VR once it pairs to a high end VR rig for full immersion. Who knows when we'll see something like that outside of a Spielberg flick but what we already have is becoming very impressive!

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